Helen Rideout Herbal Medicalist based in Bristol
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helen herbalist

Helen Rideout ~ Medical Herbalist

Yorkshire, Bristol & Somerset

I have been practicing herbal medicine for over 10 years, since graduating with a first class honours degree in BSc Herbal Medicine from the University of Central Lancashire.


After completing my first degree in languages I set about trying to live a life that I had always thought that I should.  However, working in the commercial sector, meeting targets and being on the capitalist treadmill left me feeling tired and disillusioned.  I became ill with repeated urinary tract infections that proved resistant to antibiotics.  The infection traveled into my kidneys and as a last resort I tried a herbalist.  Within a week, I felt better than I had done in years.  I became fascinated by how herbs could bring such a drastic change to my life and this set me onto a new life direction.  I was soon full of excitement at my amazing discoveries of the potential of herbs to heal the human body but slightly intimidated when I realised that if I wanted to do this for a job I would need to study again and study a science degree.  But I felt I had nothing to lose and something told me this was the right move.  I packed in my job and started on this path which I now feel so fully connected to.  I trained to the highest standard, ensuring that I could bring herbal medicine to people in a safe and beneficial way.  Today, I am happy to say that I regularly think to myself  “I love my job”.


I am proud to be a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, which is over 150 years old.  Being a member means that I am obliged to take part in continuing professional development; making my practice fresh, relevant and safe.

Please take a look around my site to discover how herbs can help you.

Member of The National Institute of Medical Herbalists