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herbal medicine consultations

Consultations & Costs

What you can expect

The first consultation takes one and a half hours; I take a detailed medical history, covering not only your current and past complaints and medications, but also your diet and lifestyle. Looking at the big picture sheds light onto the reasons why you have become ill or are feeling out of balance. I then formulate you an individually designed herbal prescription.  We will look together at what dietary and lifestyle changes you can integrate into your routines, to get your body and mind back into balance.

Follow-up consultations take 1 hour and are charged at a lesser rate (see below).  At the follow-up we find out how the herbs have been helping you and what changes have come about.  Sometimes your medicine will need to be adapted as your body begins it’s healing processes.

The average number of consultations required is 3.  Herbs can take some time to reset the body through their regenerative processes.  However, some people only need one bottle of medicine as they benefit straight away. Others prefer a long-term approach.


Your medicine

Typically, your prescription will be a bottle containing a mixture of herbal tinctures. This mixture is usually taken in teaspoonful doses in water up to three times per day. Children are given smaller doses. Herb teas, syrups, tablets or ointments may also be prescribed.

Follow-up appointments last 1 hour. After your first consultation, it is usually beneficial for you to return after two weeks, so we can see how the medicines are working for you. After that, monthly consultations usually suffice. A course of treatment, on average, takes around 3 months.



I operate a sliding scale charging basis for consultations and repeat medicines to make it more affordable to everyone:

Annual IncomeFirst ConsultationFollow Up ConsultationPrescription fee for repeat, no changesPrescription fee for repeat, with changes
less then 13k£25£20£2£5
13 - 18k£35£25£2.50£6
19 - 25k£40£30£3£8
25 - 30k£50£35£3.5£10
30 - 40k£60£40£4£12
40 - 50k£70£50£4.5£14

Please get in touch if these prices are prohibiting you from coming.

Telephone and Skype consultations also available.  Home visits sometimes available on request.  Travel costs will be added to the invoice.    It is advised that your first consultation be face-to-face (this does not apply during lockdown).


Repeat prescriptions are available up to a maximum of three months, without having a follow-up consultation.


Medicine prices: Medicine costs on top of consultation/prescription fee.

Medicine costs on average £7- £10 per week.



£7.50 per 100ml (1 week’s worth)
50ml dropper £4.50 / 30ml dropper £3.50

Echinacea angustifolia, Propolis & Medicinal Mushrooms £10 per 100ml


Creams & Balms:

£5 per 60g Made to your personal prescription £6 per 60g


Herbal tea:

Pre-made: £7 per 100g. Or made to your prescription £8 per 100g.

Postage: Small parcel £5.50 (1 month’s medicine). Medium parcel £7.50 (2 month’s medicine)


Dealing with questions and enquiries between appointments:

I want to support you get better, this means I am available to answer any questions that you have between appointments,  over email, text or quick phone call. This comes as part and parcel of the fee you’ve paid for the consultation. If however you wish to speak to me at length between consultations, at an arranged time then this is charged at the same rate as a normal consultation.



I believe that taking certain supplements can be really instrumental in achieving wellbeing. Because of this, I pass on my practitioner discount to my patients of 30% off quality supplements.


How long does treatment take?

This is a difficult question to answer as everyone is different.  However, I generally say that 3 months gives the herbs a good amount of time to work.  If you are coming about an acute health issue it may be that you just need one treatment, however, many people find they need to return for 2 or more sessions.



Payment by cash, cheque or via bank transfer (BACS) or by using the Paypal button below.

Click here to pay Helen

Consultations available daytimes and evenings.

Please get in touch with Helen if you would like any further information, or to book an appointment.
Tel: 07832 223960 / 0113 274 7846