Herb Study Evening 25th October 2018 - Kind Nature
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herb walk saltaire

Join Medical Herbalists Helen Rideout and Heather Ware for the first Herb study evening at Dandelion Cafe, Saltaire and Helen’s last herb study in Yorkshire. If you don’t know it already, Dandelion Cafe in in the beautiful wellness and yoga space Holding Space. If you want to eat before the herb study, then get there earlier! We’ll be hanging out in the cafe from 7pm.

The evening will be an opportunity to learn about herbs experientially. This will involve a blind tasting of a herb (in all its different forms) where we really pay attention and employ our senses to see how the herb is acting within us. Following this we will reveal the identity of the herb and share any other knowledge and experiences.

Cost: donation £0 – £10 according to your funds.  We want to make this available to everyone, but please pay what you can afford.


Please let me know you are coming, either text Helen 07832 223960
or email helen@kindnature.com
Any questions, please get in touch.

Tuesday 25th September


Holding Space, Saltaire, BD18 3HU


5:30 - 7pm